Hi, I'm Ivan.
Startup enthusiast 🚀 Big dreamer 😴 Creativity is my superpower 🐱‍👤

Crossed items from my bucket list:

Found, build and sell dev agency
Launch a blog with 3000+ monthly reads
Create a mobile game with hundreds of daily active players
Win at least 3 hackathons
Acquire, and grow an indie project

To do:

⬜ $1k MRR with my projects ❤️
🔜 500 email subscribers of Lunadio blog 💌
⬜ Expand our community to 500 founders 🐱‍💻🧙‍♂️😎

I have experience in:

10 milestones found

My personal website 😁

Finally, I created my personal website you are visiting right now. I will update my startup journey here. Stayed tuned.

Hi there

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May 2020 show more

Life in Lunadio

Another chapter in my life is called Life in Lunadio. I even though about splitting this timeline into 2 parts "before Lunadio" and "after Lunadio". Lunadio was a dev agency I co-founded with friends from college. I always knew I want to do my own projects/startups. I saw the opportunity to get there through building a team of developers and designers working on client's projects initially. It was a tough journey during I've learned how to manage a business. How to employ people, how to motivate them, how to build a team. We were 9 people team in our primetime. We were working on interesting projects for clients all over the world from Brazil to the Philippines.
After 2 and a half years, I realized I was not closer towards my goal which was building my projects but the opposite.
I decided on a drastic change. Unable to find the right CEO for the dev part of the company I decided to shut it down.
One condition I gave myself was the team would stick together. I got lucky and found another dev agency that was interested in a deal. They took the team with running projects under their wings.

Lunadio team

The new journey has begun. I'm on the starting line once again. I'm working on my own projects and blogging about it.

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Winning in hackathons

I love hackathons. It is a great opportunity for everyone to work on the project during the weekend and enjoying the moment of creating something from scratch. I've met many interesting like-minded people too.
But, don't' forget, it's a competition too. And, I love winning. I mean, I'm a very competitive person and I try to do my best every time. I want to be better and I seek progress all the time.

UnIT hackathon first place

Winning in hackathons was not just about me. I was surrounded by incredible people whom I thank for the time we spent together working on amazing projects. In total, I was a part of a team that won 3 hackathons, and once we were the third.

April 2016-2018 show more

Startup Pirates Bratislava

Weekly Bootcamp for startup founders. We had a really tight schedule. Workshops and presentations all day long. It was an astonishing boost in my business, marketing, leadership, and soft skills. I met awesome people, startup enthusiasts, like-minded people. Each day we focused on one thing that's necessary for a successful startup. Presentations were held by very experienced people from the industry.

Startup pirates

The best part of it was that I received top feedback on my project from people focusing on marketing, sales, presentation, UX, tech, etc. It was a great boost for my project and for myself. In the end, there was an event where I presented the idea I was working on during the week in front of investors, media, and audience.

July 2015 show more

Travel startup Tripo

I had an idea of a travel startup for a while. Luckily, there was an upcoming Travel Hackathon organized by Kiwi & IBM. I took benefits from what I learned at a hackathon in Southampton. I pitched my idea, I found the right people to do a project with, aaand we won the first place! 🏆

Tripo travel hackathon

After the event, I was working on this project for a few months but I was unable to find a tech co-founder and the idea got cold. I tried to revive it for few times but unsuccessfully. Maybe I will find momentum for this project in the future.

June 2015 show more

International hackathon in Southampton

I and my friend Jozef got invited to a hackathon in the UK. It was organized by MLH and a bunch of internees from Google. This hackathon was absolutely amazing. There were people from all over Europe. The first thing I remember was the atmosphere there. It was so hyped! Young, talented, hard-working people on Red Bull during the whole weekend. It was the first time I've ever spoken to a large audience in English. Also, it was the first time (hopefully the last time too) when I had traveled for 12 hours and then I was coding for 2 days straight without proper sleep.

Me and Jozef

It was a great journey. I met awesome people and I'm really thankfull I could be a part of that event. Btw, you might check an interview with us.

November 2014 show more

Quiz war - trivia mobile game

This project has a special place in my heart ❤️. Looking back, it was probably the hardest project I've worked on. I remember thinking about it every minute of my life. I thought about gameplay and I did sketches all the time. I was lucky when I was able to get together a team of young ambitious students from my alma mater. We were working really hard over a year to deliver this great mobile game. Every one of us did enormous progress in each aspect of their work. The result was awesome. We got very positive reviews from game critics and people. Hundreds of players were online daily enjoying our game. I'm really proud of this project.

Quiz war

FYI: My responsibilities were game design, UX/UI, project management, web development, marketing & PR.

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Foxytouch dev agency 🦊

I had daily studies at university, a part-time job in AVG, side-projects...but, obviously, it was not enough. I started to develop custom web & mobile applications for clients with my friend MJ.
I designed web & mobile applications, I coded front-end of the website, and I did all project management and sales. MJ took care of web backend and mobile app development.


P.S. Yes, I had no girlfriend that time 😅

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First "real" job

During my studies at Masaryk University, I started to work for AVG Technologies as a System Engineer. My responsibilities were the development and maintenance of web pages and internal systems. It was the best job I could imagine. I got better in every aspect of my life. I got better in IT, design, communication, teamwork and time management.

AVG Technologies April 2013 show more

I created my first website

I had a business idea. Back in 2012, there were minimum restrictions on posts visibility created by the Facebook page. That means if a FB page creates some post everybody sees it. There were thousands of Facebook pages with name like "Funny cats" or "I love chocolate". And people liked it just because they agreed with the title of the Facebook page. They had millions of followers with absolutely no monetization model. My idea was, I create a website with funny images (memes) that they can share and get paid for it. They bring people from Facebook to my website, I'm going to track how many visitors they bring and on the base of that, I will pay them a commission.

true story bro TL;DR
I got a ban from Google Adsense for no reason.
I was unable to find another ad platform that could bring revenue.
I sold a copy of the project to a friend.
He made a fortune. He got so many visitors even Google invites him to Dublin for a coffee.

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